Warehouse to Lose Millions After Racking Damage Cripples Business
- 8th November 2016

After an untrained driver crashed a forklift into the corner of 50ft high racking, damage caused has temporarily shut down the East Midlands warehouse facility, following from an inspection deeming it all too damaged to work with, and too much of a risk for people to be working around. SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) work around assessing warehouses and if their contents are stored safely with all members of staff trained and qualified for their specific role.
Since the temporary closure of the warehouse facility, the worker who is unnamed during tribunal process, admitted to driving the forklift untrained, under management of his General Manager who was fully aware of his lack of skill.
It was after this debacle that the company in question then invested in CCTV, as being fined by HSE for negligence would heavily outweigh the cost of a security system, along with potentially crippling the business.


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