Shopkeeper Stunned by Shoplifter – His Own Employee!
- 22nd September 2016

Magistrates court heard today about the unraveling of an 18-month theft investigation after a family run shop had its till and cash machine periodically low. Originally, the loss of money was thought to be tied to a previous crime but this was dismissed after the till was low more than once.

Desperate to find the culprit as it was now affecting his personal assets, he installed covert cameras both behind the till, behind the cash machine and in the stock room of his store. This had seemed to deter the culprit for a couple months, until his night shift employee, before locking up, took wads of the day's earnings from the till and stuffed it in his bag, before bagging the rest for the next day.
He also configured the in-store cash machine to disconnect it and open the small money safe at the bottom.
The owner said today after the trial:
"It disheartens me greatly that an employee would stoop as low to steal from me, we were family friends and my shop has been in my family for 3 generations now, it is the livelihood of my wife and children. If he had needed money that bad, I would have given it to him.”

The defendant is thought to have needed the money to pay off loans from both payday loan companies and loan sharks.

The defendant was given 14 months sentence for robbery and 9 months community service once his sentence is served.


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