Plant Hire Theft Figures Hit the Roof
- 11th July 2016

Figures released by the Hire Association show that the theft of heavy plant hire equipment is on the rise quicker than ever.
In an industry where £1 million of equipment is stolen each week, with 5% being recovered, theft from hire sites is becoming an ever popular low risk crime for criminals, with more syndicated networks being formed because of the low risk nature of the crime.
This follows a trend as theft of heavy plant hire equipment has quadrupled within the last two years with the construction industry as a whole suffering annual loses from theft at £500 million a year.
When asked, Head of Security for the Hire Association said:
"We promote and support all our members in being protected from theft and criminal damage. The best way to combat theft as much as possible is investing in IP CCTV, as the clarity of the cameras will pick out faces, even in the middle of the night. This, along with sufficient documentation of all hire apparatus is the best way to combat the ever-growing problem of theft within our industry.”


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