Oxfordshire Comprehensive School Uses CCTV to Tackle Bullying Issues
- 1st June 2016

As we enter the middle of 2016 the increase of theft in schools is at an all time high, and the need for both staff and pupil protection in primary and secondary schools throughout the UK has also risen significantly, which is causing a drastic increase in the demand for IP CCTV systems and security solutions within the education sector.
Due to this we are also able to work alongside our customers to track and minimise bullying, the most recent incident we have been able to uncover is a "bullying ring” of several teenage boys who had been stealing lunch money and personal belongings including designer jackets from fellow pupils and attempting to take from teachers desks and handbags. The Oxfordshire secondary school has managed to catch the youths in the act using their CCTV systems, which they put in place 6 months prior to these issues occurring. The students have all since been disciplined and some of the individuals have had their property returned.
We are happy that since returning to School the thefts have stopped and the pupils have apologised to those involved. The school is also taking additional precautions by encouraging pupils to keep valuable items with them or locked in their lockers and teachers to keep their desks and classrooms locked when on lunch.


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