Petrol Thieves Fuelishly Caught on CCTV
- 24th May 2016

Wiltshire Police finally caught the team of men who were stealing £100's worth of fuel per night from several big yards in Swindon today. The team of 5, all of whom went into these sites either in full-black attire or in an unmarked lorry themselves, funnelled fuel from lorries, cement mixers and vans for what is estimated in an 8-month continuous raid on several local businesses.
Police were informed after one disgruntled company, having done everything they could to evade their fuel woes, put external CCTV on their entrance gate along with cameras which can read number plates, the crucial lead which led to their arrest earlier today.
"We should have thought of it sooner really,” Kerry, owner of the site which ultimately led to the Fuel Fives arrest. "We had CCTV but it was reminiscent of Crimewatch quality, now we can see all the way down the yard, even at night.”
"I'm relieved we can finally put this to rest, if I had known modern CCTV was so clear I would have invested before this all happened.”


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